Jeffrey Sutton Obituary Montgomery TX,1 killed after Deadly car crash, GoFundMe

Jeffrey Sutton Obituary, Death – His immediate family consists of his wife, Deborah (Lanza) Sutton, whom he married in 1993; his son, Trent Sutton, who currently resides in Norwalk; his mother, Louise (Gerald) Fortune, who currently resides in North Olmsted; his sister, Colleen (Ronald) Czerski, who currently resides in Lakewood; and his brothers Gregory Sutton, Todd Sutton, and Thomas Sutton, all of whom currently reside in North Olmsted. Following Jeff’s passing, each and every one of these individuals will go on with their lives.

On the morning of October 24, 2022, the body of Jeffrey “Jeff” Sutton, who had spent his entire life in the Norwalk, Connecticut area and had attained the age of 54 when he passed away, was discovered inside of the residence he shared with his family. Since the previous evening, his body had been lying in that spot. On April 22, 1968, in the city of Cleveland, which is located in the state of Ohio, Louise (Myers) Fortune and William Sutton became parents for the first time to a son who they named Jeffrey. The event took place in the state of Ohio.

They rejoiced at the news that he had entered the world. Jeff Lanza’s beloved mother-in-law, Judith Lanza, passed away before Jeff died. Jeff was the first to leave. The passing of Jeff occurred much too quickly. She served as the primary caretaker for his immediate family and saw to all of their requirements on a daily basis. The particulars of the memorial ceremony that is going to be held in memory of the deceased at a later time will be notified to those who are interested in attending at a later point. It is a privilege and an honor for the Walker-Eastman-Heydinger Funeral Home to be of assistance to the family during this trying time. The Walker-Eastman-Heydinger Funeral Home views it as a privilege to be of assistance to the family during this trying time.