Jeffrey Neuberger Obituary, Inland Northwest Honor Flight Active Member Has Died

Jeffrey Neuberger Obituary, Death – Photographer Jeffrey Neuberger of the INWHF had the opportunity to take this picture of veterans at the point of departure on his journey with the organization. When some time had passed, Jeff found out that Warren Nord had passed away. Wanting to honor Warren’s memory, Jeff decided to provide this photograph, along with his own thoughts and observations.
“When they shared the news of Warren’s passing with the public, his family chose to highlight his time spent serving in the military.

This was an admirable choice in my eyes. It made clear to me the significance that they attributed to his time spent serving in the military…a significance that goes a very long way back. They mentioned the INWHF and the fact that his son Cory was there with him, and they asked for donations to be made to the INWHF in addition to the other charities that were mentioned.” There are times when the story of a veteran’s life may be summed up in a single snapshot that captures the essence of a pivotal moment in the life of that individual.

The photograph of Warren Nord that was included in his obituary as a tribute to the fact that he served our country during the Second World War was displayed with a great deal of honor. The photograph was included as a monument to the fact that he had served during the war. It tells a lot about his family’s sense of patriotism and love for Warren’s military service that they chose this photograph to accompany a synopsis of his life and include it in the obituary.