James Merideth Obituary, James Merideth Unexpectedly Passed Away

James Merideth Obituary, Death – It is with deep regret that I must inform you that my father, James Ray Merideth, passed away a few moments ago. Please accept my condolences. I tell you this with a heavy heart because I know it will make you feel bad, but I have no other choice. In the evening of March 22, 2023, when my father was resting, he went away in a peaceful and uncomplicated manner. He passed away in a peaceful and uncomplicated manner. It wasn’t until the early morning hours that he finally breathed his last breath.

I will inform you both about the upcoming memorial ceremony that will be held in his honor by posting notifications on both of our Facebook accounts to let you know about it. The get-together, which will take place at some point in the not-too-distant future in his memory, is currently in the planning stages. The get-together in this state won’t happen for at least a few more weeks because it is dependent on my presence in the other state, and I no longer live there because I moved to another state. This is because I have moved to a new location at this time.

Please keep in mind that using the Facebook Messenger program to communicate with one another directly is going to be the most productive method available. Please do not hesitate to make use of it in the case that you have any questions or concerns. If you are prepared to give me your phone number, I will make every attempt to get in touch with you as quickly as humanly feasible. If you do not want to give me your number, I completely understand. If you are interested in viewing my profile, it is now hosted on this website under the name ajkellyonthebass and is available for your viewing.