Jacque Hogge Obituary, Co Founder/Co Owner Of Cooper Vineyards Has Died

Jacque Hogge Obituary, Death –  Jacque Hogge, who was a mammography radiologist and a co-founder and co-owner of Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, Virginia, has passed away. Dr. Hogge was a friend of mine for many years. Cooper Vineyards is located in Louisa, Virginia. During the course of several years, Dr. Hogge was a close friend of mine.

Because of her, I got my start in the wine business, from planting the first grape plants to learning how to pour and talk about wine, from attending many wine festivals together on the road to working in the tasting room. Everything I’ve accomplished in the wine industry is a direct result of her influence. Because of her, I was able to launch my career in the wine industry. She has been a fantastic friend of mine for the past quarter of a century, and despite our busy schedules, we have never ceased keeping in touch.

She is the reason why I have such a deep interest in wine; without her, I never would have gotten started. She was the nicest, most genuine, and most authentic person you could ever expect to meet, and she had a big heart to go along with all of those wonderful qualities. She would do all in her power to get your approval. She was hospitalized on January 13 after suffering a catastrophic stroke, and as a result of complications from that stroke, she passed away this morning… Her spirit was finally able to be set free, and she is no longer in any of the misery that she had been going through; instead, she is completely at peace.