Jack Smith Obituary, Law Enforcement Member Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Jack Smith Obituary, Death – On Friday, March 31, 2019, Deputy Tony Glenn Ebron, who was a member of our Law Enforcement Family, lost his battle with an illness that no one had been prepared for. The Northampton County Sheriff’s Office and Northampton County Sheriff Jack Smith both have heavy hearts and wish they didn’t have to break this news to the entire public. Both parties hope

they could avoid having to do so. They offer their most sincere condolences for having to act in this manner. On September 18 of the year before, Tony Ebron signed a contract with our organization, which was the day that he formally became a member of our representation. Since that day, we have represented Tony Ebron. He was an extremely efficient worker both at the Patrol Division, where he worked as a Patrol Officer, and at the school, where he worked as a School Resource Officer. Both of these positions were held by him. Both of these

locations can speak to the promptness with which he completed his work. Our business benefited from his services, and he made a positive impression on the members of the community whom he was entrusted with assisting and whom he was responsible for serving. Tony Ebron had already reached that stage in his life, having reached the age of 51 at this point time, and it was a significant

landmark for him at this point in time. His death will be sincerely mourned by each and every person who had the honor of counting him as a friend during the course of their lives. During this incredibly trying time, we ask that you remember his family and the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They ask that you do not forget about them. Don’t forget that I asked you to keep the prior request in mind, so don’t forget that.