Ian McIntosh Obituary, Former Coach Of Springbok And Sharks Rugby Has Passed Away

Ian McIntosh Obituary, Death – It was revealed on Wednesday that the legendary former coach of the Springboks and Sharks, Ian McIntosh – who was fondly known as ‘Mac’  had passed away at the age of 84. McIntosh’s passing came as a shock to many people in the rugby community. The rugby community was rocked to its core by this awful piece of information, which sent shockwaves across the community. On Wednesday, it was announced that McIntosh had died away, and immediately after the terrible news was made public, tributes were pouring in from all over the world. McIntosh was well-known and respected throughout the music industry.

On his Facebook page, South African cricketer and former player Pat Symcox wrote the following: “Please stand Friends. Someone who was truly wonderful has sadly died away. An ICON in the sport of rugby and someone who I am privileged to call a true friend. I will always remember our time together. Someone who has contributed more to the community than they have received in return.” Always remember to keep a level head, always tell the truth, and always be gracious.

A man who never wavered in his commitment to his principles and who gave his entire life to caring for his wife and children. He enjoyed life in general as much as the sport of rugby. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the next match, Master. Former assistant coach for both the Lions and the Boks, Swys de Bruin, has offered his condolences upon the passing of the deceased. Rest in peace, Mac. You have provided me with a great deal of insightful knowledge. Will be grateful until the end of time. In this trying time, I pray that God would protect Rona, Craig, and the rest of your family from harm and give them the strength to get through this.