Homayoon Shamolian Obituary, Homayoon Shamolian Has Passed Away

Homayoon Shamolian Obituary, Death- We are heartbroken to notify you of the passing of our beloved Homayoon Yitzchak Shamolian, a devoted husband, father, grandfather, son, and brother. The news of his leaving has taken us completely by surprise, and we share it with you with broken hearts. As a result of the recent occurrences, everyone of our hearts is filled with a dreadful sense of loss at this precise moment.

Our father was a wonderful man with an open and caring heart for everyone. He was always available to us. He never passed up a chance to help his family. He was someone I could trust, someone who was dear to my heart, and someone I admired as someone I could emulate. He committed every waking moment of his life to providing for his wife and the children they shared. Everyone he spoke to or interacted with was greatly impacted by his presence. Everyone was affected by his presence. I absolutely promise that I will always do all in my power to gain your approval and continue to build on the legacy you have left behind.

I will never forget any of the valuable life lessons you shared with me, and I will never forget how much I respect and adore you. Because you are the type of person who will always have a particular place in my heart, I will always remember you in a special way. The fact that you are my baba is not only a wonderful gift, but also a stroke of good fortune. I will always love you. The funeral service will take held at Eden Memorial Park tomorrow, Monday, April 10, at three o’clock in the afternoon. The 10th of April is tomorrow. There will be a future announcement regarding the memorial services and the shiva.