Harold Chamberlain Obituary, Tennis for Fun Florida Mourns The Death Of Harold Chamberlain

Harold Chamberlain Obituary, Death – On April 6, 2023, Harold Walter Chamberlain, a Tennis For Fun Athlete, passed suddenly in a fashion that was sudden and unanticipated. He had 58 years under his belt. It was reported that he had already left this world.  His sister Sharon and her husband Robert Newhart were the primary occupants of the house that Harold called home.

Robert Newhart was Sharon’s brother. Harold became a member of the Brandon Tennis for Fun clinic in 2018, which was held at High5Inc., and he has maintained his status as a participant ever since. During his time as a student, he was actively involved in the Special Olympics. He was a member of the Trident team while he was employed at High5Inc and during that time he was there. Both of his parents had passed away; Margaret, his mother, and Richard Chamberlain, his father.

Both of his parents had passed away. He was his parents’ son. There is little question that his friends and coworkers at Tennis For Fun will be sad not to see him around the office. Harold was a man who was both gorgeous and nice, and he was generous to an excessive degree. He never passed up an opportunity to flash a friendly and warm smile at anyone happened to be in his line of sight. We were all fairly awed by what he had to offer. In this trying time, we are keeping him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Our sympathies go out to all of them. The name of the instructor is Judy.