Harleigh Petursson Obituary, Harleigh Petursson Has Passed Away

Harleigh Petursson Obituary, Death – Harleigh Petursson, the daughter of Conan Petursson and April Wesley, recently passed away in her family. We are saddened to inform you of her leaving because we are aware of how much it will impact you. On the evening of April 5, 2023, Harliegh went away and joined the stars.

We met Harleigh for the first time when she moved up here to the north. She was from down south. She was apprehensive at first, but soon warmed to our family and felt very secure in our surroundings. She enjoyed the times when the whole family ate dinner together, especially when the kids were there. We would want to express our gratitude to Sik-E-Dakh for enabling her to participate in all of the crafts activities that were held there.

We also want to express our gratitude to Sik-E-Dakh for approving her request. The abilities of April and Harleigh in beadwork, weaving, and making moccasins all became very strong points for them. We are all going to miss Harleigh terribly, but we are also incredibly appreciative that we got the opportunity to meet her in the first place. Our hearts go out to Conan and his entire family on the occasion of such a tragic loss.

She looked at me with a look that suggested she understood what I was saying but was not expressing it right away because she quickly understood my sense of humor. I am extremely appreciative that I got to spend time with Harleigh, and I’m also grateful to April and Conan for letting her join our family. Conan, April, Brenna, and Logan are in my thoughts and prayers today, as well as in the trying times that lie ahead.