George Calo Obituary, Steve Denney Mourns Friend’s Death

George Calo Obituary, Death- Last week, a close friend of mine named George Calo-oy, whom I had known for many years and had known for about half of his life, passed died unexpectedly. I had known him for over fifty percent of his life at that point. When we were in middle school, the two of us shared a lot of exciting experiences together, including some highs and some lows, as well as some strange circumstances.

During those years, we went through a lot of unique adventures. When it comes to explaining all of those insane occurrences to you, I am at a loss for words and have no clue where to begin. During the 1980s, George served as the tour manager for my band, and it’s possible that the time restriction on many of those tales has not yet passed. On other accounts, the applicable statute of limitations may have already elapsed. It is an honor for me to serve as a godfather to his daughter, Destini, and I consider it a privilege to do so. (although probably the least qualified person for that role).

George has been working with the San Antonio Spurs for the past few years and is currently the head of the sound and lighting systems at the arena. When the unfortunate event that led to his passing took place, the band was on the road, and he was with them the entire time. Dear buddy, I am going to miss having the opportunity to spend time with you. We are quite pleased that we were able to make contact with you and Connie while we were in Texas a few months ago and that we were able to enjoy some time in your company during that trip. Vaya con Dios, mi amigo. Because you had a rich and magnificent life, it is impossible for anybody to ever say that you did not have a complete and satisfying existence.