Gene Lauterbach Obituary, Man Suddenly Passed Away On Palm Sunday

Gene Lauterbach Obituary, Death – It came as a surprise to all of us when we found out that our beloved Emeritus Pastor Gene Lauterbach had passed away on the evening of Palm Sunday. He had served our church for many years. The terrible and unexpected outcome of the situation was that he passed away.

As we celebrate his ascension into eternal glory and reflect on the time he spent here on earth, our hearts are brimming with joy at this very moment. His life on earth will live on in our memories forever. At this moment of joy, the entirety of the heavenly host has made their way down to be with us. During this time, we are reflecting on his life here on earth and the amount of time he spent in this location. As a means of finding comfort for Betty,

we have concluded that we should address our prayers to the LORD Jesus Christ and should do so through the method of prayer. The following is a synopsis of the processes that will be adhered to carry out the arrangements in accordance with the actions that will be taken to carry out the arrangements: You are cordially invited to attend the viewing of a specific

object that will take place at Calvary Lutheran Church on Tuesday, April 11 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the viewing in question will be of a certain thing. A specific thing will be viewed during the event. Both the funeral and the memorial service for the deceased individual will be held at the same time and venue, which is the Calvary Lutheran Church. Both services will honor the deceased person. Two memorial services are going to be held in memory of the person who passed away.

The following date and time will take place at one o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, April 11th, which is the 11th of April. In place of sending flowers to pay respects to a member of the family who recently died away, the bereaved family has asked that donations be made in the form of memorial gifts to the Endowment Fund of Emmaus Lutheran Church.