Francenia Thompson Obituary, Prophetess Francenia Thompson Has Died

Francenia Thompson Obituary, Death- We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Francenia “Fran” Yearby Thompson, who served as the First Lady of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are writing to let you know that she has passed away. We are forced to act in this fashion, and it is with deep regret that we must do so.

Simply put, there is not enough room in this dictionary to explain in an appropriate manner what Fran meant to each and every one of us in the way that she deserved. She was a wonderful mother to her own children, and in addition to that, she served as a mother figure to a significant number of other people. Her children were lucky to have such a wonderful mother. Her love for her progeny and for her grandchildren was unparalleled to that of any other mother’s love for her own children or grandchildren.

She cherished them both in a way that no other mother could. She was well-known for her role as the “Queen of the Prophetic Oil,” in addition to the roles of wife, sister, friend, educator, and counselor that she played throughout her life. She served in this capacity for a considerable amount of time. She was a spiritual warrior in addition to all of these other things. Genuine Love International Family Ministries was one of the many organizations that Prophetess Fran helped to create.

She ministered to the body of Christ as well as the general population of the world over the nearly twenty years that she served as the leader of the ministry. Her ministry also extended to the general population of the world. She performed the duties of an angel when she was still on Earth, and now she travels across the heavens using the assistance of her wings. During this challenging and unexpected journey, we ask that you remember her husband, her children, her family members, and anybody else who cared for her in your prayers. We appreciate all of the support you have given us. In addition to that, will you please remember to pray for her?