Fadzayi Mahere Obituary, Fadzayi Mahere Has Passed Away

Fadzayi Mahere Obituary, Death – We have been left in a state of terrible disillusionment as a result of the news that our close friend Fadzayi Mahere has been found guilty. Nobody ought to be judged guilty of anything or placed in jail for something they didn’t do wrong, and this includes both adults and juveniles. There is nothing but pure, unfiltered hostility focused toward the opposition party, and it does not reflect a larger conception of what constitutes a good political system.

As long as even one person is detained unjustly, the chance of erroneously convicting someone will continue; this is why campaigns for innocent individuals need to be continuing even after they have been successful in freeing some. Because we waste time criticizing others while doing very little to improve the lot of the average person, Africa will never grow beyond its current state. Dear Sister Fadzi, I want you to know that the people in Zambia who are a part of our community are keeping you in their prayers.

There are no problems at all. It breaks my heart to see innocent individuals convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison, especially when I hear violent criminals bragging about having “kuti muchaita sei” in their possession at the same time. I have a solid hunch that both the citizens of Zimbabwe and Zanu PF are taking this election very, very personally. If we are unable to prevail in this situation, they will exterminate all of us.