Emerald Wright Missing NZ, help find missing woman, police say

Emerald Wright Missing NZ – It is a response to a call made by the police for any sightings of a woman who was last seen at the age of 27, and it comes as a result of the age gap between the two of them. The incident took place late on a Saturday night inside the Ngruawahia Bottle-O store, and the entire thing was caught on camera by the store’s CCTV system.

During the beginning of the video that was shared on Facebook, a woman who was wearing a white top can be seen attempting to get away from a man who was also wearing a white T-shirt before the man assaults her and throws her to the ground. During the assault, the male victim is pushed to the ground by the other participant. After that, he leads her out of the business and towards a car that was parked outside and waiting for her there.

Ash Parmar, the owner of the business, reportedly said on Facebook that “this girl came running into our Ngaruawahia shop just before closing seeking protection and shelter from guy who was chasing her.” “Both my employees and the proprietor of the takeaway shop next door attempted to stop him, but he appeared to be extremely intoxicated, so they, too, were afraid.”

According to Parmar, the authorities were alerted, but it took more than forty-five minutes for them to reach at the location of the incident. He said, “I am really concerned about her well-being, so I hope she is okay.” “I am really concerned about her well-being.”