Embassy Suites Hotel Shooting Victims Identified

Embassy Suites Hotel Shooting Victims Identified

The man and the woman who were found dead from gunshot wounds on Wednesday at the Embassy Suites Hotel, which is located in close proximity to Portland International Airport, have been recognized by the police of the Port of Portland. The victims were discovered inside the hotel where they were staying. The bodies of the victims were found inside the hotel room in which they had been staying.

The call for police assistance came in at roughly 2:45 in the morning, and they were sent to the motel that was situated at 7900 North East 82nd Avenue. They discovered the bodies of Teonjenique Elizabeth Lashay Hudson Howard, also known as “TiTi.

Who was 24 years old and Adrian Daeshawn Granville, who was 19 years old, at that place. “TiTi” also went by the nickname “TiTi.” Both of these people were commonly referred to by the nick name “TiTi.” Teonjenique Elizabeth Lashay Hudson Howard was more well known by her nickname “TiTi.” Her full name was Teonjenique Elizabeth Lashay Hudson Howard.

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, guests told a crew from KATU that they heard at least a dozen gunshots and observed blood on the floor as police hurried people out of the facility. Moreover, guests stated that they saw blood on the floor.

Also, the guests reported seeing blood on the ground throughout their visit. During the course of their stay, some guests stated that they noticed blood on the ground. The news crew from KATU was present at the scene covering the event as it was taking place.