Elisa Michel Obituary, Montclair State University Student Has Passed Away

Elisa Michel Obituary, Death – Elisa Michel a student of Montclair State University has died. It was always simple to see how wonderful Elisa’s soul was from the outside looking in. This young lady had a contagious spirit and an endless love for life. She was like a little, yet mighty, pocket rocket.

She had a wide range of interests and was mature beyond her years, being passionate about dance, music, literature, and travel. She pursued her hobbies and her curiosities, learning about things like dance and Arabic. Because she put forth a lot of effort and was a good student, she always made the Dean’s List at her school. She frequently used the money from her part-time employment to support her education. Elisa just traveled to Paris for academic purposes and planned to see the rest of the world in the future.

These are all qualities of a fantastic girl. Yet those who know Elisa well understand that her gifts are only the tip of the iceberg. Elisa achieved several amazing things in her short life, but what really matters is how she made you feel about yourself. Elisa was able to see the promise in everyone’s heart, as everyone who knew her or had the chance to meet her will attest.

You may have your own anecdotes and recollections of this, but for our branch of the family in particular, the connections she was able to make after a long time of absence were amazing and helped her plant strong roots inside the Michel family. Given how much happiness she brought us every day, we shall miss her greatly. I regret to inform you that the only opportunity I ever had to meet Elisa was when she and Carla were still quite little and I was still a very small child.

Wow, this gorgeous woman has great kids, I recalled thinking as I turned to face their mother. Attempts to meet up in person when Elisa returned to our lives never materialized owing to a number of life circumstances. As our dear Abuelita Miriam used to say about the gap between my family in the UK and our relatives in the Dominican Republic, we are so far apart, yet we are also so close.

In 2022, I got the chance to tell my father and sister about this lover, and they both agreed with my deepest impressions of her: that she was unique. Making sure that her legacy of love, kinship, and family lives on through each of us is the best way to honor Elisa as she enters this new stage of her life, the one that will take place in the heavenly kingdom where she will be waiting for us all alongside our Abuela Miriam, Abuelo Ramon, and all the others we have loved and lost.

My son Walter best summed it up when he stated, “If we just gaze up into the night sky and find the brightest star beaming down on us, she will be there. Even if it might appear as Elisa’s brightness has diminished.” He appears to have the same depth of spirit that our Elisa shone with during her famous life, albeit I’ve probably paraphrased a bit.