Elijah Harrod Obituary, City Of Roswell, Georgia, Elijah Harrod Has Died

Elijah Harrod Obituary, Death – On March 25, 2023, in the city of Roswell, Georgia, Elijah Harrod passed away at the age of 83. Jack lived his 83 years to the fullest after being born on March 19, 1940, in Lockport, Kentucky. Jack Harrod was born to Maggie Alice (Gilbert) and Lecompte Harrod, and his uncle, the doctor, rode his horse through a snowstorm to help deliver him.

Jack was an accomplished student and basketball player at the University of Louisville, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. After marrying Brenda Hatfield for 17 years, Jack remained a lifelong bachelor, devoting the rest of his days to tall tales, outdoor pursuits, and fixing or improving anything that required it. He became an avid poker player in his senior years. He attended the WSOP on multiple occasions and hosted a weekly poker session for up to fifteen pals, for which he regularly prepared a feast.

He had a passion for cooking, and his forte was southern cuisine. Cornbread, Cajun green beans, and fried chicken so good they’d make you cry—he prepared them all. He was an avid outdoorsman who would frequently travel to Montana and Canada to go fishing and hunting with friends and family. He clearly enjoyed fishing and hunting, as the walls of his home were covered with trophies of various game animals. His work as a software sales executive from the late 1970s until his retirement in 1998 was the crowning achievement of his professional life. He has many lifelong friends among his former coworkers because of his passion for mentoring and developing new talent. The last 35 years of his life were spent in Roswell, Georgia, after he had worked in Louisville, Kentucky, Charleston, West Virginia, Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois.