Eleni Boyle Obituary Temple, TX, Actor At Acclaim Talent Has Passed Away

Eleni Boyle Obituary, Death – Eleni Boyle of Austin, Texas has passed away. Eleni was an actor At Acclaim Talent and worked at Action Behavior Centers – ABA Therapy for Autism. Eleni studied Nutrition & Dietetics at The University of Texas at Austin and was a Consultant at Jenny Craig. She married Thomas J. Boyle, her childhood sweetheart.

Since she was a little girl, she had been in love with Thomas J. Boyle. She first moved in with her daughter Elizabeth after she had retired for a while, and then after some time had passed, she moved into Elizabeth’s new home.
She was predeceased by her loving husband Thomas, as well as her sisters Kathleen Staples, and Theresa Doherty, and brother Charles Marks. She was surrounded by relatives who had passed away before her as she was dying. She only left Thomas, her devoted husband, behind.

The three children Eleanor is left with are Patricia Aquino, RN, Elizabeth A. Boyle, DO, and Thomas J. Boyle, DMD. Together with Thomas, Elizabeth, and Patricia, Patricia is a doctor as well as a licenced nurse. Thomas Aquino, Patricia’s husband, is a licenced practical nurse who works in the medical field. Thomas J. Boyle, DMD, Eleanor’s son, and Sharyn, the woman he married after she passed away, will also survive her.

Their grandmother Eleanor named her three great-grandchildren Thomas Maxwell (Max), Lillian, and Logan. Each and every one of Eleanor’s great-grandchildren was dearly loved by her. She also adored her two grandchildren Thomas and Matthew Boyle, who, depending on the circumstance, had either married Valerie or Meghan.

Thomas and Matthew Boyle were her two grandsons. Benjamin and BellaDonna, her grand puppies, as well as the numerous friends she had throughout her life—people she could always rely on and who showered her with love and support no matter what—will grieve her terribly. The love that God has for his people was evident in her to everyone who had the chance to get to know her.