Edye Wagstaff Obituary, La Grande HS Choirs Active Member Has Peacefully Passed Away

Edye Wagstaff Obituary, Death – Edye Wagstaff, who graduated from LHS in the year 1983. I am writing this letter to inform you of her demise. Edye graduated with the class of 1983 when she attended. It is with deep sorrow that I have no choice but to continue in this manner. Edye, or Edythe Anne as some of us knew her, was not only one of the most brilliant vocalists at LHS but also one of the sweetest persons I have ever had the pleasure of teaching there. I had the opportunity to work with Edye for two years.

She was a talented woman who brought joy into the lives of everyone around her via her contagious optimism and unselfish kindness. She was a remarkable person. She motivated those who were around her to develop into more admirable versions of themselves. She was always a musical presence and a leader, whether it was in the Acappella Choir, the Swing Choir, supporting me in corralling my middle school singers, or appearing on stage in “Oklahoma” or “Little Mary Sunshine.”

In all of these situations, she was always a leader. Throughout her adult life, she performed as a singer, on stage in musicals, and as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle choir, where she was a soloist. She also collaborated with other musicians throughout her career as a musician. Throughout her adult life, she never stopped pursuing music as a job and her passion for music, which she had from childhood.
During this trying time, she and her entire family, along with her friends and classmates, are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending them to you all.