Donald Hundley Obituary, Resident Of Madisonville, KY Has Died

Donald Hundley Obituary, Death – Donald “Don” Wayne Hundley, who had reached the age of 62 at the time of his passing, was able to pass away painlessly and peacefully on March 23, 2023, while remaining in the comfort and privacy of his own home in Madisonville, Kentucky. He had reached the age of 62 at the time of his passing. Throughout that time, he called the state of Kentucky home as his primary residence.

Don was born on April 3, 1960, and his mother and father were, respectively, Bessie Willean Potts Hundley and the late Kenneth Baker Hundley Sr. The third of April is Don’s birthday. Don’s birthday falls within the range of 1960. Bessie Willean Potts Hundley was Don’s mother, and Kenneth Baker Hundley Sr. was Don’s father. Don was named after both of his parents. Don is a name that honors both of Don’s parent’s names. Don is a name that pays homage to his parents by combining their names into one.


He is survived by his daughter, Mary Lesley Hundley of Madisonville; two sons, William (Lauren) Hundley of Johns Island, SC, and David Alan Hundley of Madisonville; a sister, Mary Kathryn (David) Bowles of Madisonville; a brother, Ken Hundley of Madisonville; and two grandchildren, John Baker Hundley and Tilly Elizabeth Hundley, both of Johns Island. He was preceded in death by his wife, Mary Kathryn Hundley. Mary Kathryn Hundley, he had been married to, had passed away before he did. Before he did, he lost his wife, Mary Kathryn Hundley, who he had been married to for many years.

He was predeceased by his wife, Mary Elizabeth Hundley, who passed away before he did. The couple had been married for a while. His wife, Mary Elizabeth Hundley, passed away before he did, hence he is said to have been “predeceased” by her. The couple’s marriage had been going strong for some time. To presume that the funeral ceremonies will be held with the utmost discretion is a legitimate assumption to make given the circumstances. This should not come as a surprise.