Dianne Marcolini Obituary, Member Of Southside Baptist Church Has Died

Dianne Marcolini Obituary, Death – We wanted to let our church family know that we were devastated to learn that our lovely sister, Dianne Marcolini, had passed away today and is now with Jesus. We wanted to let them know that we were heartbroken to hear the news that she had died away today. We are grateful that we were able to provide them with this information and hope that it is useful. As a direct consequence of becoming aware of this information, a horrible feeling of betrayal and loss comes over us.

Those of us who were concerned about her health prayed for her during the Easter service, and in answer, the Lord took her to be with him in heaven. Those of us who prayed for her is now with the Lord. Since she has passed away, we can rest assured that she is no longer in any pain and has moved on to a better life. We ask that you pray for her husband Mike, as well as for all of their children and grandchildren, as they go through this time of transition in their lives.

We also ask that you pray for their children and grandchildren. Jordan Josh Fazzini. During this trying time, the family is in both our thoughts and prayers. We are thinking about and praying for you all. Easter will feel like a genuine celebration of the risen Christ for her when they are finally reunited, which is why it will be such a wonderful occasion for her when that day finally arrives.