Derek Irwin Obituary, A councilor at Dungannon District Council Has Passed Away

Derek Irwin Obituary, Death- We were saddened to hear of Derek Irwin’s loss this morning when we received the news, and our hearts are filled with sadness because of it. Those closest to Derek, including his wife Muriel, his sons Johnston and Mark, his daughter Jacqueline, and his grandchildren, will miss him dearly. The many years that Derek spent working for the community as a councillor for the Dungannon District Council were immensely helpful to the community as a whole throughout the time that he was there.

The breadth and depth of all of his many skills were most prominently displayed in the context of his work as a counselor. Because of his unwavering commitment to the betterment of all communities, he was the kind of person who could be reached out to at any time of the day or night and depended on to provide assistance with things like submitting a planning application or dealing with other local matters that require attention. He was instrumental in the approval and promotion of Dungannon Council’s Chairman rotation, which helped to establish it as a model that other local councils may model themselves after. He also had a vital part in the creation of the model.

On more than one occasion, it was reported that Derek went straight from the milking parlor to the council chamber. Additionally, he was seen sporting the chain of office on a number of occasions while representing the council and its people at a variety of high-profile events and occasions. Not only did he win over the favor of his fellow farmers, friends, and neighbors, but also of some of the most significant and prominent individuals in the world because of the charming way he carried himself.

Derek Irwin was a fantastic neighbor, and the excellent influence he had on the lives of others and the community will be fondly remembered for many years to come due to the positive impact he made on the lives of others and the community. May Derek rest in peace, and may his family find the strength to deal with the loss of their loved one at this time, as well as the solace that comes from knowing how much respect he held in the community. May he be laid to rest in peace.