Deb Hayes Obituary Wilmington, NC, Former County Commissioner Has Passed Away

Deb Hayes Obituary, Death – Deb Hayes of Wilmington has sadly passed away. In the year 2020, after Deb Hays had run unsuccessful bids twice for a position on the Wilmington city council, she was successful in her attempt to be nominated to the NHC Board of Commissioners. Deb was not the type of person to give up without a fight.

She was acknowledged for her efforts in the real estate industry by being inducted into the Realtors Hall of Fame as a consequence of the accolades she gained. Deb was a well-known figure in the community as a consequence of her engagement with various community groups, including the WAVE, the Wilmington Housing Authority, and the planning commission. She was also a member of the prominent Wilmington Downtown, Inc. Deb Hayes will be remembered as someone who oozed energy and vigor at all times, had a dominating presence, and was nice to everyone she encountered.

In this world, each individual has a certain amount of time accessible to them, and it is totally up to them to determine how they will spend that time. Deb is devoted to making the community in which she dwells a better place, hence she has opted to contribute her time and energy to the work of our local government.

While I was reviewing my communications from Commissioner Deb Hays, I came to the conclusion that this was the very last one. As I sat here mourning the unexpected departure of Commissioner Deb Hays. Despite the grief I was suffering, it made me laugh out loud. It would appear to be her. duties that, at times, looked to me to be onerous and even insurmountable, this is how Deb regarded them; she took them on as a challenge. This was her attitude to everything, whether it was the repair of Oleander/College Road or the replacement of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. Both of these projects were massive endeavors.