David Treviño Obituary, Man killed in hit-and-run on San Antonio’s deadliest street

David Treviño Obituary, Death- The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office was able to determine the identity of the man who was crossing a roadway on the West Side when he was struck and killed by a white pickup truck. The incident occurred while the man was crossing the road. The victim was on the West Side at the time of the incident, which took place there.

David Trevio, 43, was crossing Culebra Road just east of its intersection with Northwest 36th Street very early on Wednesday morning, shortly after midnight. This part of Culebra Road is known to be one of the most dangerous in all of San Antonio. A short distance to the east of the crossroads is where Culebra Road may be found. The area is well known to be one of the most dangerous in the entire city because of its notoriety. The authorities claimed that he was waiting outside of a crosswalk for another vehicle to stop so that he could cross when it did.

The results of the inquiry indicate that Andrew Jason Gonzales, who is now 50 years old, most likely was the driver of the pickup truck that struck Trevio in the lane next to him and then fled the site of the accident after the collision. At this very moment, Trevio was given a sentence of death by the judge. Because he was the owner of a property in the area, a significant number of his family members and close friends were able to travel there not long after he passed away to pay their respects. Gonzales did return to the scene at a later period; however, the police claim that he was not helpful, and as a result, he was imprisoned by the authorities.

The officials claim that Gonzales did not help in the investigation. Gonzales was charged with causing death because he did not stop to help the victim after they were harmed and because he did not offer medical treatment. The prosecution believes this behavior contributed to the victim’s death. The day he checked into the Bexar County Prison is the same day that he was granted his release after posting a bond in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars.