David Gannon Obituary, Mooney’s Garage, Longmile Rd Member Has Sadly Passed Away

David Gannon Obituary, Death – Today we found out that David Gannon had passed away the night before, which meant that it had occurred the night before last. We were saddened to hear this news. After learning the news, we were left with a miserable disposition due to the fact that the occurrence had occurred the

previous evening. As David began working for our company in the year 2000 and continued to do so until the year 2009, he was an essential member of the sales team we maintained. During this period, he was sent to this location to carry out his responsibilities. He exemplified, above all things, the virtues that are characteristic of a gentleman. To be more specific, he had good manners and was courteous. In addition to being an outstanding

athlete and competitor, he was an outstanding part of the team and a wonderful coworker here at Mooney’s. He will be sorely missed by many. Everyone here is going to miss having him here with us. In the years to come, we will think about him with fondness in our hearts and a great deal of affection in our hearts.

Because he had maintained communication with us over that period of time, we were all aware of the circumstances surrounding him at that particular point in time. Despite this, each and every one of us was surprised to find that he had left earlier on today. We were all taken aback by this information. Also, he was a devoted husband and father, and tonight our thoughts are with his wife Kim, his children, and his brother Niall. He will be greatly missed. He

will be sorely missed by everyone. Everyone will grieve his passing in their own unique ways. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way when he passes away. I want God to give him the kind of peace that can’t be described in words. Please hear my prayer and answer it. The Mooney who ultimately ended up becoming a precursor to prophets