David Douek Motorcycle Accident, Scarsdale NY, Native Has Sadly Passed Away

David Douek Motorcycle Accident – The news that one of our own, David Douek, was killed in a motorbike accident yesterday makes my stomach turn to think about it. At the Sharon Gardens cemetery in Vahalla, services of final farewell are going to be held on Tuesday. As soon as I am in possession of additional information regarding the time, I will be sure to keep you informed.

Those who are unable to attend the service in person can watch it instead on Zoom. The funeral home will hold the service both in person and online. If you could help communicate this information with his community, I know that both his wife and his parents would be grateful to you for your support.

Please do whatever you can to make this happen. Yesterday afternoon, in a tragic turn of events, David B. Douek, one of the most productive alumni of Yeshivat Hamivtar (1999-2000), departed away. He was involved in an automobile accident. The members of the Yeshivat Hamivtar community are suffering from severe distress at this time.

Because he possessed one of the most remarkable and brilliant minds anyone had ever witnessed, Douek was held in high esteem and adored by all. BD” E. May God bless you with both strength and wisdom during this time of transition in your life, and may his divine protection and peace surround you and your daughters as reassurance that he is with you. In this time of change, may God bless you with both strength and wisdom. I promise that I will never desert you or give up on you; I will never give up hope for you.