David Costain Obituary, A Member Of The Neston Club Has Passed Away

David Costain Obituary, Death- I am deeply saddened to tell you that great all-around sportsman and member of The Neston Club, David Costain, has passed away. Ken Cranston led the 1957 Neston Cricket team to victory in the Liverpool and District Competition, and David was a member of the team that took first place.

Also a member of the winning squad for the 1965 Neston Cricket competition, which was captained by Brian Johnson; this team also competed. During that season, scoring a century in a match against Wallasey. He was a well-rounded player who finished the 1961 season with 27 wickets and the 1962 season with 29 wickets. Between the years 1963 and 1966, he played for Cheshire Cricket as both a batsman and a bowler with a medium pace.

In addition to that, he was a member of the Neston Hockey 1st team and represented Cheshire Hockey in the very first game, which took place in September 1963 and was captained by David Jellicoe. He was a member of the very first season of Neston Squash, which took place in 1971, and he captained the very first squad from 1978 through 1980! Additionally, he played tennis at Neston, frequently teaming up with Peter Renshaw to compete in the club doubles competition, which the two of them routinely won.

Julian Manchett is the only other person that we are aware of who played first team for all four of Neston’s sports, and he was one of just two who accomplished this feat. If Neston had participated in rugby and shot, there is no question that he would have been selected for the first team. Clay and game shooting were two of his specialties, and he was a first-team player for Chester Rugby. His most recent visit to the club was in 2015, when he took part in a celebration lunch for the cricket squad from 1965. On Friday, April 28th, at 12:45 PM, the funeral service for David will be place at Landican, and thereafter a reception will be held at the Red Fox.