Da’Vant Byrd Obituary, 13-Year-Old Boy Killed In Chicopee Car Accident

Da’Vant Byrd Obituary, Death – The small child driving the automobile that crashed early on Saturday morning on Montgomery Street was discovered to be thirteen years old. The Hampden District Attorney’s Office has identified the victim as Da’Vant Byrd, a Holyoke resident who was just 13 years old at the time of the event.

Da’Vant Byrd, the incident’s victim, was hurt. Chicopee Police pulled down the vehicle at 2:43 AM on Saturday after seeing it was driving along Broadway Street unusually swiftly. The officer then issued a citation to the driver for the infringement. As the policeman approached, the driver raced away from the vehicle and ran in the direction of Montgomery Street. After the officer lost sight of the vehicle, he later learned that it had struck a Montgomery Street house. As the fire in the automobile began underway, it quickly spread to the home.

The fire started in the car almost immediately. The youngest passenger in the car was 13, while the other three ranged in age from 19 to 18 to 17 to 13. Before the injured people could be sent to Baystate Medical Center for treatment, three of the passengers had to be rescued from the automobile.

But, the crew was unable to save Byrd in time to stop the fire from intensifying and developing. When Joe Lucia was present in his home at the moment of the collision between the car and his house, he was harmed by flying debris. The land’s owner was Joseph Lucia. Lucia was sent to Baystate Medical Center for treatment after suffering severe wounds that required medical attention.

Everyone else inside had time to escape safely before the fire threatened to entirely demolish the structure. A fundraising website called GoFundMe has been created so that people may contribute money to help Lucia with her out-of-pocket costs for accommodation and medical care. The district attorney’s office in Hampden is still looking into the event.