Darren Davies Obituary, Darren Davies Passed Away Unexpectedly At The Age Of 41

Darren Davies Obituary, Death – Darren, who was also known as Pek by a great number of individuals, passed away suddenly at his home on March 18, 2019, at the age of 41. One of Annette’s favorite and most treasured of her boys. A nephew of Alan, Mandy, and Stanley who is held in extremely high regard by all of them. Alan, Mandy, and Stanley’s nephew.

A dear uncle. Moggy was one of many people that thought of him as a friend, and she was one of those people. Everyone who had the honor of calling him a friend will feel a profound sense of loss at his passing. The funeral ceremony for Darren will be conducted at the Pontefract Crematorium on Friday, April 28, at eleven in the morning. The beginning of the parade would take place at Darren’s bungalow on Burntwood Road at approximately 10:20 in the morning. Only the family should receive flowers at this time.

Donations of any kind are graciously accepted by MIND in place of traditional floral arrangements. Following the conclusion of the event, there will be a donation box available for your use.
Everyone who was in attendance at the memorial ceremony and knew Darren is kindly welcomed to the Travs after the event has concluded. There will be a variety of refreshing beverages available for purchase.

During this difficult time, we ask that you send encouraging words of love and support to those who are closest to Darren. We appreciate it when you do this. Please contact Infinity Funerals at 0800 772 3735 with any questions.