Dan Donaldson Obituary, Utica Fire Department Historical Society Member Has Died

Dan Donaldson Obituary, Death – An item about Firefighter Dan Donaldson’s retirement from the department was published in the O-D on this day in 1992. Also, Donaldson presided over the Utica Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 32 union for a sizeable chunk of that organization’s history while serving as president. Upon taking his retirement, Donaldson gave a farewell speech in which he declared, “I did nothing.” Which, considering the situation, was quite the understatement on its own.

Lieutenant Joe Furgol stated “He has presided over the local 32 with more success than any other president. During their tenure in government, he provided steadfast support for our troops and never wavered in his commitment.” Lieutenant Greg Penree noted that they wouldn’t miss anything, and that the only thing they wouldn’t miss is the nonstop phone calls that Donaldson took. This was the only thing that Penree thought they would miss. “On a daily basis, there are approximately one hundred persons that call him.

The incident that occurred at the General Electric Broad Street plant in January 1981, in which 58 firefighters were exposed to potentially harmful chemicals, was finally the subject of an investigation thanks in great part to his efforts. The most remarkable thing that happened to him on the job was an incident that took place when he was off duty and involved the rescue of two people from a fire on Rutger Street.
On December 23, 2022, Danny, who had been a brave soldier in the Vietnam War and had served his nation with honor, passed away.