Cynthia Reed Obituary, Cynthia Reed Has Passed Away

Cynthia Reed Obituary, Death – Cynthia Reed’s passing brings sadness to those who knew and appreciated her as a friend and colleague. She was a member of our organization and took part in the activities. I know that learning this will be upsetting for you, and it is with a sad heart that I share this information with you. She fought valiantly and is now at peace in the arms of her creator, but those who knew her will be terribly saddened by her passing because she was such a wonderful person.

She fought bravely and is now at peace in the arms of her creator. She fought valiantly and is now resting in the arms of her maker, having earned his respect for her bravery. No matter where she is or what she is doing at this very now, may her spirit of her find the calm and tranquility it seeks. We are thinking about and praying for her loved ones and friends, as well as the community in East New York, which she called home. I pray that she finds eternal rest.

The information that has been provided is all that we have access to at this time; however, you can be certain that we will keep you informed as soon as any new information is made available. The death of Cynthia Sampson Reed is a blow to everyone on our town Council and in our town because she loves everyone, and knowing her meant falling in love with her. There will be a void left by Cynthia Sampson Reed’s absence. Cynthia Sampson Reed always made room for others in her heart and was compassionate toward all people.