Collen Hlazo Obituary, A Member Of Drug-Free Sport ZA Has Sadly Passed Away

Collen Hlazo Obituary, Death- We are sad to inform you that Collen Hlazo has passed away. We have no other way to tell you. You can learn more about him by reading this article. We have to break the news to you about this newest turn of events, and we do it with a heavy heart. Collen served the SAIDS organization as a Doping Control Officer in the Greater Cape Town Area. SAIDS is an acronym for the South African HIV/AIDS Society. This region is home to the well-known city of Cape Town in South Africa.

During this terribly difficult time, on behalf of the SAIDS staff and the whole corps of Sample Collection Personnel around the country, we would like to extend our most deepest condolences to the Hlazo family. We understand that this loss will have a significant impact on all of you. We are aware that everyone concerned is going through a very difficult time right now. We are aware that everyone involved is going through a difficult period, and we genuinely hope that you will accept our condolences and support during this hard time.

We are conscious that this is a difficult moment for everyone affected. Because we are aware that you are going through a lot right now and because we want to be of support to you, we have made ourselves available to you at this time. We are sorry for everything that you are going through. Those who are physically present are praying for you and thinking about you while they are here. They are keeping you in their thoughts. Your calamity has the same impact on each and every one of us as a whole. We pray that you deserve to rest in eternal peace and that your soul deserve to rest in eternal peace. your soul deserve to rest in eternal peace. Our prayers are that the light that never ends will shine upon you, We hope that you will find the peace in heaven that you have earned.