Clark Grant, Monica Cannon Grant Husband Dies in motorcycle accident

Clark Grant Death, Obituary – According to sources who talked in an exclusive interview with Turtleboy Daily News, Clark Grant, the spouse of Monica Cannon-Grant, was apparently killed in a motorbike accident late last night. Monica Cannon-Grant. According to WCVB’s reporting, a person passed away after being involved in a motorcycle accident in Easton yesterday night near the intersection of Route 138 and Route 106.

The town of Taunton, where Grant and Cannon-Grant once lived, is readily accessible by Highway 138. In October of 2021, federal law enforcement agents conducted a raid at the residence of Clark Grant in Taunton. During the raid, Mr. Grant was detained and charged with committing unemployment fraud. Grant had maintained that he was not receiving any revenue as a consequence of COVID lockdowns, but in reality, he was being paid by both his position working for the transportation system and by Cannon-phony Grant’s nonprofit organization.

He submitted an application for a mortgage in the amount of $410k in order to purchase their property in Taunton, but he listed the nonprofit’s business account as a personal asset because his personal account did not have enough money to qualify for the mortgage. Five months after her husband, Monica Cannon-Grant was arrested and charged with crimes, and she is presently facing 27 felony accusations in federal court.

One of the accusations is that Monica and Clark utilized the money that was contributed to the charity organization for their own personal benefit, such as going on a spa trip to Maryland, as Monica said in her article. Once it was discovered that Clark and Monica were trying to scam the unemployment system, Clark contacted Monica to inform her that he had been caught, and Monica instructed him to tell the government that VIB had been closed because of the epidemic.