Chenelle Webb Obituary, Anderson, South Carolina Resident Has Passed Away

Chenelle Webb Obituary, Death – Chenelle Webb a resident of Anderson, South Carolina has passed away. Chenelle was an Entrepreneur. We shall cherish our friendship with Chenelle Webb forever. I hoped we could have spent more time getting to know one another. This really is unexpected.

At about 7:00 this morning, Chenelle, a dear friend of mine, suffered a serious heart attack from which she did not recover. She moved back in with her parents. Your departure has hurt us beyond measure. It is now running low, so if you can, offer prayers, peace, and as much good energy as you can. I remember when I first met you. I used to think, “Wow, that girl sure looks mean.”

And you went to Burger King every morning before school to pick up a sausage scone for those sweet gentlemen. Back then, I didn’t even think of talking to you since I thought you were a jerk. About two years ago, you moved into the house two doors down from me. And I’m thinking, “Wait, what? I must see her immediately. But as soon as you entered, I could feel a great vibe radiating from you.

Let me simply state what I mean: I’m so happy I really got to meet you. You have the most beautiful spirit I have ever encountered. You always managed to preserve someone’s grin. Maintain a positive dialogue while generating laughter. You treated my babies like they were your nephews, therefore I will always be here.

Being able to refer to you as my friend forever means a lot to me, and I’m happy and appreciative of that. I’m sorry I didn’t come home the night you texted me and saw you because I’ll miss you forever. thankful for all the good memories we have together. I had the finest time on New Year’s Eve of the previous year. I love you and will always consider you a friend. I wish I could give you an explanation once again.