Car Accident Wayne NJ, 4 Extricated After Incident, Police Say

Car Accident Wayne NJ – After a horrible collision occurred early on Monday morning in Wayne, three drivers and one passenger were extracted from two automobiles and one private ambulance in order to save their lives. The jaws of life were utilized by volunteers from Wayne’s Fire Department and First Aid Squad to cut away the doors of all three automobiles, stabilize the four people trapped within, and carefully remove them to safety. The event took place shortly before 8:30 in the morning. On Route 23, there are jughandles on both sides of the highway that allow drivers to make U-turns.

The shattered fragments of the three automobiles were scattered over both the north and south lanes of the roadway. When traveling in the northbound direction on 23, this was just south of the access road that connects to Black Oak Ridge Road/Route 202. When traveling in the southbound direction on 23, this was just north of the commercial mall that contains Party City and Chuck E. Cheese. Before Wayne Police were able to eventually open up a lane on each side to enable cars past, the flow of traffic in both directions came to a standstill and became backed up.

It was a living hell for those who had to commute. It is not known what caused the accident, but it involved two regular passenger cars and one private ambulance, which was not carrying any patients at the time. Due to the severity of the collision, the front ends of all three vehicles were severely damaged. As a result, four people inside the vehicles—three drivers and one passenger—were unable to free themselves, and the volunteers from Wayne’s Fire Companies #2 and #5 were called to the scene to free them.

The Commissioner of the Wayne Fire Department, Frank Velardi, explained to TAPinto that the three automobiles “were not stuck together” as a result of the accident, which is something that “would have made our tasks more difficult.” Instead, the three automobiles were divided in a manner that made it possible for Wayne’s volunteers to take immediate action.