Bryan Pedroza Obituary, Glasgow Murder Victim Identified

Bryan Pedroza Obituary, Death – Bryan Pedroza, age 22, originally from Wilmington, Delaware, was identified as the individual whose body was found dead inside of a vehicle in Glasgow, United Kingdom, early on the morning of March 19, 2023. The discovery was made in the early hours of the morning. The Delaware State Police were the ones who shared this information with us.

At around six in the morning, officers from the New Castle County Police Department responded to a call about a collision that occurred in the area of Old County Road and Glasgow Avenue. The caller had reported that there had been injuries. According to the reports, the event took place at the junction of those two highways. On the other hand, when they arrived at the scene, they discovered Pedroza inside the vehicle suffering from a fatal gunshot wound. He had died as a result of his injury. It was determined that he had passed away at the site.

It was found out that the killing occurred inside the jurisdiction of the Delaware State Police, and as a result, the investigation into the death has been taken up by the Delaware State Police’s Murder Unit. The State Police have stated that there is currently no evidence to suggest a connection between the shooting death of Pedroza and the other person who was shot to death on Christmas night inside a car off of Road 896 in Glasgow. The State Police believe that there is no evidence to suggest a connection between the two shooting deaths. In response to an inquiry that was posed by the State Police, this comment was provided.