Bruno Martel Obituary, Dashwood Outfitting Mourns The Death Of Bruno Martel

Bruno Martel Obituary, Death – Not too long ago, we learned the tragic news that Bruno Martel had passed away. His passing was brought to our attention. Bruno was not only a terrific personal friend of ours, but he was also an excellent educator and a reliable adviser. We looked to him for advice on many occasions.

As a result of the discovery of this piece of information, we are left with an overwhelming feeling of loss. Bruno was a member of the Dashwood Outfitting family who held a very special and important place in our hearts. All of us here at Dashwood Outfitting, in addition to the hunters who had the luxury of going on hunts with him as their guide, will miss him very much and experience a tremendous sense of loss as a result of his death as a direct result of this.

I feel terrible that I was unable to strike up a conversation with him, and I regret it very much. The tales that were told to him about himself at summer camp served as a source of inspiration for him when he was away at the facility. This an outstanding illustration of a moose hunting guide that other hunters can use as a template to aspire to become like in their own careers. Because of the legacy he left behind, we shall carry his memory forward in our thoughts and hearts for the rest of eternity.