Brian Harris Obituary, Man killed in Spartanburg County shooting identified

Brian Harris Obituary, Death – The Coroner’s Office of Spartanburg County, which is located in South Carolina, has confirmed the identification of the deceased victim of a shooting that took place earlier this week. The incident took place earlier in the week. According to the information provided by the Spartanburg Police Department.

The shooting took place on Westview Boulevard on Sunday morning around one o’clock took place. Sunday was the day that the event took place. This particular piece of information was offered out voluntarily by the agency. When officers from the local police department arrived at the scene, they discovered a vehicle that was parked in an awkward position on the street in front of Sunny’s Market. The vehicle had four doors and was parked on the street.

They found a man inside the vehicle who had been shot multiple times and was partially seated in the front passenger seat. The man had been sitting there for some time. He appeared to be suffering from a number of different wounds. The person spent a portion of their time in the vehicle seat in the front passenger position.

According to the police, emergency medical personnel from Spartanburg arrived at the scene in a timely manner; however, the victim had sadly already passed away prior to the arrival of the emergency medical workers at the scene. The individual who passed away has been identified as Brian Timothy Harris, who was 21 years old and was born in the city of Spartanburg in the state of South Carolina.

The police have indicated that they will not be releasing any information on the suspect at this time because this incident is still being investigated by the authorities. This is due to the fact that the authorities are still investigating this incident. The investigation is extremely important to the authorities, and they do not want to do anything that could compromise its integrity.