Brenda Casterline Obituary, Montpelier, IN, Brenda Casterline Has Passed Away

Brenda Casterline Obituary, Death – Brenda Faye Casterline, age 73, a resident of Montpelier, Indiana, died away on Monday, March 27, 2023 at 10:40 PM in the comfort of her own home. Monticello, Kentucky was the location of her birth on Thursday, August 4, 1949. Montpelier High School awarded Brenda with her diploma in the year 1968. On the first Saturday in June of 1974, she wed Walt I. Casterline Jr. at the Grace Baptist Church in Montpelier. She used to go to the Lancaster Chapel United Methodist Church in Craigville, Indiana, after having been a member of the Olive Branch Church of the Nazarene in rural Hartford City.

Brenda served as Dr. Don Hunsberger’s secretary for a significant portion of their professional relationship. She had a kind and generous spirit, and she put the requirements of others ahead of her own interests at all times. She had a deep devotion to the Lord and treasured the time she could spend singing hymns with her sisters. Brenda really forward to going to church gatherings, and you could always count on her assistance whenever the Olive Branch Church hosted the yearly Perry Dishman Feast. She enjoyed participating in sporting events, spending time with her family, and having plenty of people around her.

Walt I. Casterline Jr., of Montpelier, Indiana, who was married to her, can never get over the loss of his wife. Jeremy A. Casterline, son, residing in Montpelier, Indiana, Daughter – Jessica L. Casterline, Montpelier, IN, David (Linda) Foister, my brother, from Monticello, Kentucky, Sisters: Phyllis Dishman from Montpelier, Indiana; Cathy Ford from the same location; Sandy (Donnie) Pendleton from Monticello, Kentucky; Marilyn (Marvin) Dalton from the same location in Montpelier, Indiana; and Bonus from Montpelier, Indiana. Angie (Corey) Roberts, of Montpelier, Indiana, a number of sisters and brothers in law, as well as a number of nieces and nephews.