Brandon Augustine Missing Charlotte NC, Help locate Brandon Augustine

Brandon Augustine Missing Charlotte NC – Please Help Me Spread the Word!!! Please give 911 a call if you see my son Brandon Augustine or his fiancee Mildred Chestnut. There has been an official missing persons report filed across the country, and the cops who answer the phone can assist you no matter where you are located. Please give me a call if you spot them. The family unit is in shambles. They have an obligation to return home.

Their little Avery is currently in the care of family and is doing fine. It is EXTREMELY uncommon for such a long period of time to pass without hearing from them. Every single one of their possessions is still at their house! More details: Last seen: 3/18 in Charlotte, NC Scratch on the back right bumper of a gray 2008 Volvo S80 with New Jersey license plates.

Phone conversation from yesterday, March 18, at three o’clock Soon after that, both of the phones started sending their calls directly to voicemail. There has been no investigation into the social media. Nothing. No emails. We have explored every possible option. They have a large social circle in both North Carolina and New Jersey, despite the fact that they currently call Charlotte, North Carolina, home.

They were discharged from the hospital due to having the flu (just as I do right now, yuck!), but that was on Saturday and it is now Tuesday, and they have had no touch with any of their family or friends since then. They would never be gone for such a long time from their child. If you have heard from them in any way, please let me know. They have had to get back to the house! The family is quite concerned.