Bradley Seager Obituary, 2 men found dead in Quincy Coroner identified

Bradley Seager Obituary, Death – The tragic and shocking news that John Regan has passed away has put me in a state of shock and disbelief. Many of my most treasured memories involve John and our time together. During the late 1980s, I was involved in the recording of albums by Ace Frehley. During that time, he was a very important

component of those records, both in the recording process and in the performance of those albums. The glue that, in so many different ways, kept everything together was, to a considerable measure, the thing that held everything together. A truly remarkable musician who also leads by example with regard to generosity. When I was a young adult working for a record business in the late 1980s, John treated me with a great degree of respect and helped me

in a variety of different ways. I will never forget those experiences. When we were going through that, our connection was at its strongest. We spent time together while traveling, including going to London together; we were in constant conversation; and we shared an endless supply of stories! He surprised me by buying a very

fashionable briefcase for me to use in my new capacity as Vice President at Megaforce, and he did this because I had recently been promoted to that position at the company. In the past, I had a reputation for arriving late to studio sessions and being unorganized during those sessions. Later on, John gave me a brief case from Haliburton that had been autographed by both him and Ace, along with the other guys at the company. I still have it. Throughout the

course of his career, he worked with a wide range of musicians, and each and every one of them admired him. We’ll have more to say when we go back on the air on Monday. Despite this, my deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, and bandmates who were affected by his passing. RIP John Regan