Bill Holly Obituary, AWA Member Bill Holly Has Passed Away

Bill Holly Obituary, Death – AWA President Bob Hobday reports, with sadness, that long-time AWA member Bill Holly K1BH has become a silent key. “Bill Holly, K1BH passed away quietly at his hospice at 83 after fighting liver cancer,” Bob expresses his gratitude to Tom Perera’s recollection of Bill: “William Holly, K1BH died away peacefully at his hospice at 83 after fighting liver cancer.

He was surrounded by his family and had received and read every mail from hams and friends praising him for his years of diligent work on the history of telegraphy and passionate involvement in numerous ham activities. Thank you to all the hams who wrote so truly about their appreciation of Bill’s contributions to ham radio and the history of radio and telegraph,’ says his wife Fran. He and I were both thrilled to read their notes.’

I hope you will contact K1BH when the AWA and NEVEC nets (and others he was a part of) become live. I am confident he will pick up your 59 on his quadruple-conversion Super-Duper-Heterodyne receiver. I am also confident he will piece together a transmitter to respond to you.

It is most likely a spark transmitter like this one, which I photographed in his shack in 2002, so pay attention to anything that sounds like QRN or static. Examine his raspy spark transmissions for breaks of Morse Code dots and dashes that may sound like the noise level.