Betty Koffman Obituary, Former secretary In St. Louis Choir Has Passed Away

Betty Koffman Obituary, Death – Betty Koffman was a continual source of joy and offered a lot of enjoyment. As soon as I got out of bed this morning, I felt the absolute worst version of myself. My much-loved secretary from my time serving as a choir director in St. Louis left her position, as I discovered last night. At the time, she was 84 years old and still going strong.

We shared a single affection; she loved me and I loved her. I’m the kind of person that has trouble controlling their behavior and planning things out correctly. I have trouble with these two things. Yet she did, and in the context of the situation, her gesture made me “appear nice.” Over the six years, I served as Music Coordinator, she served as the anchor that kept me together, enabling me to accomplish a great deal of success (1993–1998).

She listened intently and was there for me whenever I wanted to chat about a situation. Notwithstanding the extremely upsetting circumstances that led to my leaving that position, she and her husband Bob remained devoted, forgiving, and true to me throughout the whole process. This held true even if those circumstances led to my leaving that job.

They encouraged the use of love rather than hatred and the inclusion of everyone rather than the marginalization of specific groups. I continue to have the same feelings towards Bob and Betty despite the divergent paths our lives have gone over the years. I’m sending you this letter that Betty wrote in the show Wicked. I had a huge transition after getting to know you, and it was all because of you. We ask that you guide us even from a distance with the help of your light. You seem to understand the formula for living a happy life.