Bernard Gauci Obituary, Man Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Bernard Gauci Obituary, Death – In cherished remembrance of Bernard Gauci, who left this life on February 26, 1945, and returned to the spirit world on April 2, 2023 His final hours were spent at ease and in comfort at home, surrounded by the people he loved the most, including his family. He passed away in the company of those he

held dearest. He died without any pain or suffering. He passed away without ever having to endure any discomfort. In 2023, he died on April 2. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Seven Hills is located at the address 7 Grantham Road, and on the afternoon of Friday, April 14, 2023, at one o’clock in the afternoon, Bernard will be laid to rest there. The funeral service will take place. The date of the funeral as well as the time it will take place is not yet set. To this

point, there has been no conclusion reached regarding the time frame or the schedule for the event. It is highly requested that friends and relatives of Bernard’s family attend the memorial ceremony that will be held in his honor. The service will be held in his honor. The first part of the event will start inside the boundaries of the parish

of Our Lady of Lourdes, which is the name of the church that will be hosting it. The funeral procession is scheduled to depart the church at three o’clock in the afternoon and make its way to (Olivegrove) Pinegrove Memorial Park, which can be found on Kington Street in the Minchinbury neighborhood of Minchinbury. This cemetery may be found in Minchinbury, which is the location of its location.

This will take place at the end of the service, once everything else has been wrapped up. Everyone who is now present at the event will eventually receive information regarding the wake, and this will take place at some point throughout the course of the memorial ceremony.