Bailey Mitcham Obituary, Houston TX, Lifelong Resident Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Bailey Mitcham Obituary, Death – The very thing that we ought to do—namely, speak life—is, in fact, the very thing that my Queen accomplished. Bailey fought with every ounce of her being and breathed words of life over herself. Her unyielding faith helped change the souls of many people as a result of her courageous actions. She also breathed life into other people by sharing the genuine truth, even the difficult facts, as well as joy.

Bailey devoted her entire being to her marriage, and she loved Mitchell with an intense passion. She instilled life into her daughters and taught them to live life to the fullest regardless of the circumstances. (Such is the trip to Disney World that they recently returned from with their family, praise be to Jesus!) Bailey breathed new life into her town by demonstrating compassion and generosity and being willing to give everything she had.

When Bailey took on the role of small group leader at Elevate, the youth group she attended, she had no clue that it would have such a significant influence not just on her own life but also on the lives of the girls she was responsible for mentoring. She was able to motivate younger generations of women simply by being herself;

these women appreciated her every dance move and felt at ease talking to her about their challenges because of her genuine nature. Bailey was someone who lived her life in a way that exemplified the gospel, and as a result, she had an enduring influence on a great number of people, including those who did not know her directly.

Let’s all learn from Bailey’s example and strive to live our lives to the fullest while also speaking life into others daily. Instead of ruminating on unfavorable ideas, let us, as the Bible instructs us to do in Proverbs 30:32, breathe words of encouragement and hope into every circumstance. Mitcham Bailey Bailey, I love you huge my everlasting Queen!