Astrid Catalan-Gomez Obituary, Student at University of Nevada-Las Vegas Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Astrid Catalan-Gomez Obituary, Death – GoFundMe page to help pay for Astrid’s funeral expenses on behalf of her family. You can make a donation by going to this link. Here’s a link you can use to contribute if that’s something you’re interested in doing. Astrid was a great son, brother, and friend who brightened the lives of all around him. His presence was always anticipated by everyone around him.

Those lucky enough to have known him were enriched by his presence. He was an exceptionally bright friend who was also vivacious and helpful whenever asked for assistance. He was an excellent companion. When help was needed, he was always ready to provide it. He was taken from the people who loved him the most despite the fact that he touched the lives of countless others and was universally adored.

The cherished recollections of our days spent with him will be an integral part of our lives now and in the future. This holds true in the now and in the future as well. They will be able to utilize the donation to help ease the financial burden of their loss and pay for final arrangements for their loved one’s funeral. The funeral costs will also be paid for with the money.

But, his family was already struggling financially because of the illness they were experiencing, and this made everything much worse for them. Their situation had become far more dangerous than it had been previously. His loved ones will be forever thankful to you for any help you can provide, no matter how great or small. They will be appreciative of whatever help you can give them. Please know that our love for you is eternal and that we shall miss you tremendously, my beautiful Astrid.