Ashley Williams Obituary, Woman, 35, Shot And Killed At A Local Motel

Ashley Williams Obituary, Death- The Mobile Police Department was able to identify the female victim of the shooting and killing that took place on Tuesday at a motel in the region. The incident resulted in the death of the victim. The victim ended up passing away as a direct consequence of the incident. At the location where the crime had been committed, the body of the victim was found.

The corpse of Ashley Williams, who was 35 years old and had been missing since Tuesday morning, was discovered at the Extend-a-Suites just before 4:30 in the afternoon. She had been killed by a gunshot wound. She had been employed there for some time at that point as a housekeeper. A large number of law enforcement officers were sent to the hotel as soon as they received word of an incident, which reportedly involved shots being fired. When the authorities came, they discovered Williams seated in a car with a leg wound that had been inflicted by a gunshot. Williams had been wounded. They were able to track him down not too much later after the occurrence.

Williams was taken to a nearby hospital, but her injuries were deemed to be too severe for her to survive the event, and she passed away as a result of the experience. Her life was cut short in a dreadful way not long after that event. As of right now, the officials that are in charge of law enforcement have not provided any more information to the public. Mobile Police are requesting that anybody who may have information on the shooting that led in the death of another person get in touch with their department as soon as possible if they do have such information and if they believe they may have it.