Ana Ruiz Obituary, Member Of The 1sr Cavalry Division Soldier Has Died

Ana Ruiz Obituary, Death – 1sr Cavalry Division soldier Ana Ruiz, was a force of nature; she was beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and devoted to her family and friends. She had big plans to make a name for herself in the military and serve her country with honor, but her life was tragically cut short on March 13th, when she was discovered dead in the line of duty at Fort Hood, Texas.

There are so many things we want to say and express, but none of them seem appropriate at this time; our family is devastated, to put it mildly; we’ve never felt pain like this before; Anita was loved and cared for by many; and yet, there are no words to describe the depths of grief felt by her family, especially her parents and sister. We are appealing for financial assistance so that Anita’s mother and sister can travel from Mexico to the United States to be with Ana Fernanda’s father and attend her memorial service together as a family.

We’re also trying to carry out a second autopsy on Ana, as per her parents’ wishes, but we’ve been told that doing so will be financially burdensome for our family unless we raise the necessary funds ourselves. We’re appealing to anyone who believes they can help us in any way to please consider making a donation; the total amount is not trivial. We as a family only want to comprehend and grasp what truly occurred with our dear Ana Fernanda, and we ask for your support since Anita represents so much as a young warrior mexican-american woman in the army.