Alex Vaisey Obituary, P.I.L.C.S Football Club ex player and coach Has Sadly Passed Away

Alex Vaisey Obituary, Death – The members of Littlehampton Town’s playing roster and coaching staff would like to extend their most heartfelt condolences to those who were close to Morty Hollis, including his friends and members of his family, after learning the tragic news that he had passed away the previous week. They were

saddened to hear that Morty Hollis had been taken from this world. They were shocked to find that Morty Hollis had passed away the previous week, which caused them a great deal of sadness. Everyone on the team, including the players and the coaches, was shocked and upset to find that Morty Hollis had been battling an illness for some time before he passed away; they were all affected by the news. They have lost not only a friend but also a teammate who

was very important to them, and as a consequence, they are going through an immense amount of misery and sadness right now. Because he had devoted his entire life to both the non-league football community and the Worthing Football Club, both of these groups regarded him as a living legend. This was owing to the fact that he had

played football his entire life. Both of these communities saw him as a living legend, which speaks volumes about the level of respect in which he was held by both of these communities. People in both of these towns referred to him as a “living legend” throughout his time there. Because he had committed his whole life to play football, he was able to do this task with relative ease because it was something

that had grown ingrained in his body and mind over the course of his years spent playing the sport. In the course of the conversations that took place about him while he was present at both of these sites, the locals referred to him as a “living legend” on multiple occasions.