Albina Deriugina Obituary, Member Of The National Olympic Committee Of Ukraine Has Died

Albina Deriugina Obituary, Death – Albina Deryugina died. The Ukraine National Olympic Committee has been informed of this information and is now processing it. Even though he is 91 years old, the legendary gymnast from earlier generations, national hero of Ukraine, and most famous coach in the annals of Ukrainian history is still actively competing.

Albina Deryugina entered the field of rhythmic gymnastics just as it was getting begun; hence, she is commonly recognized as being the person who was responsible for inventing the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in Ukraine. This is because she entered the field just as it was getting established. The statement says that throughout the course of her career, she was responsible for “nurturing more than one generation of gymnasts who went on to win Olympic accolades, world championships, and European championships.” This served to contribute to Ukraine’s improvement in its standing as a sporting superpower, which was a contributing factor.

It should be noted that during her coaching career, Deryugina raised several Olympic champions, holders of world and European championship titles – Olga Shchegoleva, Olga Plokhova, Victoria Serykh, Lyudmila Yevtushenko, Irina Deryugina, Alexander Timoshenko , Oksana Skaldina, Elina Khozla, Tamara Erofeeva, Anna Bessonova, Natalia Godunko, Anna Rizadinova. It was under his leadership that the “School Deriugins” institution for rhythmic gymnastics was established in Kyiv, which is the city that serves as the capital of Ukraine.